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May Pole

Putting up the May Pole

Every 5 years, a Bavarian village is due a brand-new may pole. In 2013, Kreuth has its turn! This renewal marks one of the most boisterous days in the calendar of local celebrations. A tree is cut, stripped of bark and branches and painted in the Bavarian colours, white and blue, in preparation. Traditionally, it will be decorated with metal or wood insignia of the various guilds or trades represented in the community. Bakers, blacksmiths, wood workers, inn keepers, their contribution to village life is captured in a colourful emblem at the may pole's top.

On the 1st of May at 9 o'clock, it is time for the toughest job: hoisting up the heavy pole with the sheer man power of the community's brave young men - no machinery allowed. This of course is also a time for celebration: by-standers watch the spectacle with beer and pretzel in hand, and there is always a local band, brass or modern, to get everybody into that spring mood.

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