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Gertraud Gruber Beautyfarm

Beautyful: Inside Out

Beauty Treatments at Lake Tegernsee

This is not only the core philosophy of Lake Tegernsee's much-sought beauty legend Gertraud Gruber, founder of Europe's very first beauty farm, but a principle that you will find easy to put into practice anywhere in the valley.

As early as 55 years ago, Gertraud Gruber realised that if you're out of kilter inside, the most expensive cream won't fix your outside. Since then, she has evolved her concept of preventative health care and was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Her beauty concept comprises unique treatments, physiotherapy, special diets, gentle exercise and much deserved relaxation. Numerous beauty specialists using Gertraud Gruber products or offering their own treatments are available in the valley’s exclusive hotels as well as at independent salons. Simply ask at your tourist information centre for a beautician near you.

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