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Cycling at the Lake

Cycling at the Lake

Mountain Biking and Cycling

If you are looking to merge active sports and an experience of untainted nature – then mountain biking must be the perfect sport for you. Just hop on a bike and go for a spin around the lake or into the surrounding hills. Longer tours or family outings can be arranged along official bike treks such as the Via Bavarica Tyrolensis to the Tyrol, the Bodensee Königssee Radweg (including Lake Constance), or the Wasserweg München (to Munich).

Those who are hoping to challenge themselves a bit more will discover a great range of demanding mountain bike tours which come with some absolutely stunning views. One popular destination is Mount Wallberg with 1,722 m of altitude to master. Mixed forests and lonely toll roads lead up to the Wallberg Chapel. Another popular trail is the Drei-Seen-Runde covering the three neigbouring Lakes Tegernsee, Schliersee and Spitzingsee.

Please make sure you follow the signs carefully when going on tour and be respectful of nature, wildlife and those living in remote areas.

A detailed cycling map is available from the Tourist Information Centres around the Lake.

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